How To Become A Gunsmith - FREE Ebook

Yavapai College Gunsmithing School

On their gunsmithing program page, Yavapai College claims to have the best gunsmithing school in the nation, but is it true? Let’s take a look at Yavapai College’s gunsmithing school and see how it stacks up! What Do You Learn in Yavapai’s Gunsmithing School? At Yavapai College, they warn you from the start that their… Continue Reading

How to Become a Gunsmith

You’re thinking about turning your love of firearms into something more, right? Maybe a career? Or at the very least a profitable hobby. So you’ve started wondering how to become a gunsmith.   Introducing How To Become A Gunsmith – The free ebook! I was recently in the same place as you. I decided I… Continue Reading

Murray State College Gunsmith Degree

Online gunsmithing schools are great for convenience and price, but if you want the absolute most from your gunsmithing education you’re better off doing an offline program. There’s no other way to learn how to design, build, evaluate, troubleshoot, modify, and repair firearms than actually working with firearms. Learning to use gunsmithing tools and machinery… Continue Reading