NRA Summer Gunsmithing Classes at Murray State College

Murray State College definitely offers the most comprehensive gunsmith degree you can get, but it’s an expensive program and requires attending Murray State College in person in Oklahoma for two years. Some of us don’t have that money or time to commit. No worries, though! Murray State College also offers NRA summer gunsmithing classes.

What are NRA Summer Gunsmithing Classes?

The National Rifle Association sponsors a variety of classes at Murray State College through its NRA Gunsmithing & Law Enforcement Armorer School. The program occurs over a period of around three or four weeks in the summer.

These gunsmithing classes can last anywhere from four days to two weeks total, though most are 5 days long. Classes take place Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, so its a fairly thorough program. Participants are able to take one class per week.

What Gunsmithing Classes are Available?

Some of the classes in the NRA school program include:

  • Basic Lathe – A five-day course covering basic use of an engine lathe.
  • Alternate Finishes – Introduces students to methods of finishing other than hot bluing.
  • Basic Gunsmithing – Students will learn the basics of gun repair and work with firearms such as Remington 870 & 1100 and Colt 1911.
  • L.E.A.S Shotguns – Four and a half days of focused study on the design, function, and repair to factory service specs.
  • Introduction to Leathercraft – Learn basic leather skills to create billfolds, belts, and sheaths.
  • 1911 Custom – Covers all aspects of building a 1911 pistol from a bare frame.
  • and several others.

Gunsmithing Classes at Murray State College

How Much Do NRA Gunsmithing Classes Cost?

Each class currently costs $300, a far cry from the $20,000 to $40,000 of the full Murray State College gunsmithing degree. A limited number of $300 scholarships are available for NRA members. The scholarships may be used to cover registration, room and board for the duration of the classes, or materials required for the classes.

Where to Stay While Attending NRA Gunsmithing Classes at Murray State College

While attending your classes at Murray State College, you might wish to contact the Campus Housing Department about renting a dorm room. The better option would be to contact the local Western Inn or Tishomingo Inn and mention you’ll be attending NRA gunsmithing classes. You’ll be able to get a special room rate.

For more information about Murray State College’s NRA gunsmithing classes, check out this brochure and their official website.