Gunsmithing Programs at Trinidad State Junior College

Gunsmithing Programs at Trinidad State

Since 1947, Trinidad State Junior College in Trinidad, Colorado has offered gunsmithing courses. Over the years, those courses developed into full-fledged gunsmithing programs. Students at Trinidad have the opportunity to acquire either a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in gunsmithing or a gunsmithing certificate.

Are these gunsmithing programs right for your gunsmith training? Let’s take a look.

What You Will Learn in Trinidad’s Gunsmithing Programs

The gunsmithing degree program and the gunsmithing certificate program both have the same goals and teach the same material, the main difference being the duration of the programs. The degree program lasts a total of 60 weeks and the certificate program lasts for 30 weeks.

In both gunsmithing programs, you will do coursework at both basic and advanced levels. You will learn bench metal, machining operations, gun repair and stockmaking. You will get a practical, hands on education of the function and use of gunsmithing hand tools; and how to design, build, repair, and customize a wide variety of firearms.

How Much Is Trinidad’s Gunsmithing Programs?

The gunsmithing degree program’s tuition and fees is listed at around $8,000 for the entire program. Books and supply costs are around $6,000. On-campus room and board brings the total cost of the program to about $12,200.

The gunsmithing certificate program’s tuition and fees is around $3,000. Books and supplies are around $1,800 and on-campus room and board brings the total program cost to around $6,000.

Both of Trinidad’s gunsmithing programs are very high-quality and affordable, providing you with the opportunity to learn the art and science of gunsmithing while working under a master gunsmith. Nothing beats hands-on training when learning a skilled trade like gunsmithing. Trinidad’s gunsmithing programs are an excellent way to get your gunsmith training, providing you with everything you need to design, build, repair, and modify firearms, as well as to start your own gunsmithing business.