Wabash Valley College Gunsmith Training

Gunsmith Training - Wabash Valley College

Wabash Valley College’s gunsmith training program is an excellent program for aspiring gunsmiths. The purpose of the course is, first and foremost, to provide students with the absolute essential education for entering into the gunsmithing profession. The program teaches everything you need to know about designing, building, repairing, and modifying firearms.

The gunsmith training program at Wabash Valley College provides lots of hands-on labs and workshops. You’ll be instructed in a Machine Tool Lab, a Welding Lab, Gunsmithing Instructional Lab, a Bluing Lab, a Metal Finishing lab, and a firearms vault.

Gunsmith Training at Wabash Valley College is Divided into 4 Semesters

In Wabash Valley College’s gunsmith training program, you dive right into gunsmithing. At other colleges, you might have to deal with general education classes before you start gunsmith training. Not at Wabash Valley College.

The first semester consists of Gunsmithing I, Gunsmithing II, and a Model 1911 Pistol Build, so right away you’re learning the valuable skills you want. The second semester has Gunsmithing III, Gunsmithing IV, an AR15 Rifle Build, and an Alternative Finishes class. In semester three you take your general education electives and in semester four you learn about the business and safety of the firearms industry, with classes like Red Cross First Aid, Employment Skills, and Effective Speaking.

Wabash Valley College Gunsmith Training Prepares You For the Firearms Industry

By the time you graduate Wabash Valley College’s gunsmith training, you’ll be able to do many things within the firearms industry. You can launch your own small gunsmithing business; gain employment at outdoor stores, retail stores, and sporting goods stores, governmental agencies, or firearms manufacturers.

Wabash Valley College’s gunsmith training program is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to have a traditional education with lots of hands-on experience and the guidance of a master gunsmith. Definitely check it out.