Ashworth College Gunsmith Training Review

Ashworth College is an excellent place to get your gunsmith training. They offer a very affordable program that will teach you the basics of designing, building, modifying, and repairing firearms.

What Do You Learn in Ashworth College Gunsmith Training?

Ashworth’s gunsmith training program is divided into 19 lessons and isn’t as thorough as the programs you’ll find at American Gunsmithing InstitutePenn Foster, or Modern Gun School. Nevertheless, you will learn everything you need to start practicing as a gunsmith.

Here is a run down of the lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Deciding on a Repair
  • Lesson 2: Work Area, Special Tools and Supplies
  • Lesson 3: Hand and Power Tools
  • Lesson 4: Routine Maintenance
  • Lesson 5: Lever Action Rifles
  • Lesson 6: Semiautomatic Rimfire Rifles
  • Lesson 7: Pump-Action Shotguns
  • Lesson 8: Semiautomatic Shotguns
  • Lesson 9: Bolt Action Rifles
  • Lesson 10: Correcting Accuracy Problems
  • Lesson 11: Installing Scopes
  • Lesson 12: Bedding the Barrel and Action
  • Lesson 13: Triggers
  • Lesson 14: Testing Repairs Safely
  • Lesson 15: Repairing and Refinishing Stocks
  • Lesson 16: Installing a Recoil Pad
  • Lesson 17: Ammunition
  • Lesson 18: Single- and Double-Action Revolvers
  • Lesson 19: Semiautomatic Pistols

By the time you finish with Ashworth College’s gunsmith training, you’ll know all about the basic tools and materials used by gunsmiths. You’ll be able to evaluate the extent of damage on a wide variety of firearms and make intelligent choices about what repair or maintenance work needs to be done to bring it back to safe, working order. You’ll be able to disassemble, inspect, troubleshoot and repair a number of rifle and shotgun styles. You’ll be able to do simple repairs on firearm stocks and describe the basic design, disassembly, and function of handguns.

Ashworth College Gunsmith Training

How Much is Ashworth College Gunsmith Training and What Do I Get?

Gunsmith training at Ashworth College is fairly affordable (as most gunsmith training when compared to going to a 2- or 4-year college). It’s an online, self-paced program. There are three available payment plans.

  • Pay up front: $808
  • Monthly Auto Pay: $858
  • Monthly Bill Pay: $948

These costs will get you access to the program, digital lessons and textbooks, Brownell’s supply catalog, and a career diploma upongraduation. Unlike Modern Gun School, which will mail you a wide variety of materials and tools for your hands-on projects, Ashworth College’s gunsmith training offers nothing of the sort.

Is Ashworth College Gunsmith Training Right for You?

You should visit Ashworth’s gunsmith training page and assess the curriculum and tuition for yourself before you make a decision. My personal opinion is that, for its cost, Ashworth College gunsmith training is a little too simple. You’d be better off exploring one of the other schools, like Modern Gun School, Penn Foster, or the American Gunsmithing Institute. Their programs are more comprehensive and cost around the same or not much more.